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All rights reserved.



All Business

by Bad Penny Press
English, 8289 words, $1.99

Finding sex in the workplace isn't all that hard, you just have to know where to look. Bad Penny Press releases another three tales of hardcore gay erotica that takes place in and around the job. Work can be easier when the workers are hard... "Cock-Eyed" Checking out a co-worker's package - and, no, it's not a box on his desk - leads to the obvious conclusion: he's got something special that his co-worker wants.
"The Night Shift" Monitoring security cameras is boring, boring, boring... until they show something completely unexpected and absolutely enticing.
"Scorpion Balls" Jalapeno poppers - known as "Scorpion Balls" in some circles - are sometimes referred to as "the food that cums in your mouth." What does that have to do with workplace sex?

Business Class

by Bad Penny Press
English, 9844 words, $1.99

Traveling as a part of one's job can either be a perk or a curse. Sometimes, though, it's the traveler's attitude that makes all the difference. "Business Class" features three gay hardcore stories that reminds us that, when done right, being on the road isn't all that bad.

"Traveling Companion" A straight guy prefers to travel alone, but the company sent a gay guy along with him. And they have to share a room? What were they thinking?
"Business Class" When hotel room reservations are screwed up, one businessman comes to the rescue of another. Kindness does not go unrewarded. "Layover Bonus" What do you do when you have a nearly six-hour layover in Atlanta? Why, take a cab ride, of course!

Office Rules

by Bad Penny Press
English, 7695 words, $1.99

Every working office has rules. Without them, there is no structure, and the business suffers. The three gay hardcore stories in "Office Rules" are further proof that the office runs much more smoothly when even unwritten rules are followed.

"Just Another Day at the Office" Barton Gannon expects a lot from his young male secretary, and the young man definitely earns his pay.
"Working Stiff" Late night in the office, a time to get things done without interruption. Or so he thought...
"Executive Privilege" A young office worker gets first-hand experience of what it's like to be the boss.


Under Pressure

by Bad Penny Press
English, 8873 words, $1.99

Gentle persuasion and a good bit of coercion feeds these three hardcore tales of gay erotica. "Under Pressure" is a series that demonstrates that, with just enough stern encouragement, no pleasure is ignored.

"A Chance Taken" A young man yearns for his first experience with another man's sex in his mouth. Where it really comes from was unexpected and frightening. "Cum Dumpster" Hidden away late at night, bound and blindfolded, a young man is forced to placate a group of men who are all too happy to take advantage of his predicament.
"No One Rides For Free" Taking advantage of a "free" ride, a young man finds that the price of the trip was far more than he bargained for.

Under Pressure2

by Bad Penny Press
English, 8036 words, $1.99

"Under Pressure 2" is a second volume of hardcore gay erotica, experiences that happen primarily because the central character was stuck between a cock and a hard place.

"The Prescription" A counseling session with a psychiatrist who has an odd version of therapy.
"Put In My Place" A man's wife ties him to the bed. But she's not the one who'll be taking advantage of him.
"Comp Time" It's after hours at the shop. A bullying worker knows a secret about a married co-worker's gay dalliances and wants his share.

Under the Color of Authority

by Bad Penny Press
English, 8577 words, $1.99

There are people we trust and who we give the authority to run certain aspects of our lives. But, how far does that sense of authority take them? "Under the Color of Authority" features three explicit, hardcore gay experiences between a member of the public and those in uniform.

"Making Bail" How far would you go to avoid a night in jail?
"Serving My Time" Now behind bars, a young man is subjected to a correctional officer's whims.
"Upstanding Citizen" The Boys in Blue do a deep-level roadside check.


Bridging Generations

by Bad Penny Press
English, 11404 words, $1.99

Three stories of hardcore gay erotica fill the pages of "Bridging Generations," a series that explores the sexual lust between younger and older men.

"Been There" A young man filled with angst and emotion turns to a family friend and gets more than he expected.
"Up the Creek" A hike to find some privacy from family and prying eyes takes a young man to a real adventure.
"Proving Myself Worthy" A sexual relationship between cousins comes to an end, but opens the door to much more.

Bridging Generations - Volume 2

by Bad Penny Press
English, 11956 words, $1.99

Three more stories of hardcore gay erotica fill the pages of "Bridging Generations, Volume 2," a series that explores the sexual lust between younger and older men.

"Good-Bye, Coach" High school must come to an end, along with some treasured friendships.
"A Favor for Mom" Attending a funeral rekindles some old memories.
"The Pizza Boy Mis-delivers" Will chancing upon the wrong house lead to better things?

Bridging Generations - Volume 3

by Bad Penny Press
English, 13338 words, $1.99

Another set of three stories of hardcore gay erotica are found in "Bridging Generations, Volume 3," the continuing series dedicated to sexual encounters between older men and their younger partners.

"Making the Grade" Teddy can't understand why his teacher seems so distant. Then he is given the opportunity to make things right.
"First Mate" Donny works his way into the good graces of an older man with a sailboat, then gives the man the chance to work his way into Donny.
"The Follow-Through" It's one thing to plan a tryst via the internet; it's quite another to actually have someone follow through.

Bridging Generations - Volume 4

by Bad Penny Press
English, 10161 words, $1.99

Bad Penny Press presents a fourth installment of the continuing series dedicated to sexual encounters between older men and their younger partners. Three new stories of hardcore gay erotica can be enjoyed in "Bridging Generations, Volume 4."

"Outstanding in My Field" When your job requires showing the new employees "the ropes," there's no reason it can't include your... rope...
"Service After the Sale" Delivering new equipment also requires teaching the customer how to use his equipment. Or yours...
"Properly Regimented" So, just what is under a Scotsman's kilt?


By Chance

by Bad Penny Press
English, 8489 words, $1.99

Bad Penny Press offers up three gay hardcore erotic stories featuring chance encounters that lead to hot new friendships.

"Just Like in the Movies" When a guy can't find a hook-up online to satisfy his sexual hunger, he decides some XXX films might do the trick and shops for them instead. While test-viewing them, things get interesting.
"Working Hard" Sweaty yard work earns a guy a dip in the homeowner's spa. Then the pest control guy shows up, and he's sweating, too.
"Hard Drive" A guy picks up a garage sale bargain computer, not expecting what he finds on the hard drive. Now to return things to the owner...

By Chance 2 - In Black and White

by Bad Penny Press
English, 10959 words, $1.99

Bad Penny Press follows up the earlier three-story set of By Chance with another three gay hardcore erotic stories. This time, the chance encounters bypass not only basic fears and trepidation, but racial boundaries as well.

"By Appointment Only" Believing himself alone, a young man at work gives in to his need for sexual relief. But when he's discovered by a large, black handyman, he finds someone else looking for relief. "Checking Out the Plumbing" A contractor is checking out the high school locker room, and sees more than he expected. "A Work of Art" Being dragged along by mom on a bus trip to an art museum, the young man instead finds his interests drawn to the bus driver.

By Chance 3 - Experience Finds First-timers

by Bad Penny Press
English, 9162 words, $1.99

Following-up the releases "By Chance," and "By Chance 2: In Black and White," Bad Penny Press shares another three-story set of gay hardcore erotic stories of chance encounters. First-timers let those who are more experienced have their way.

"Sometimes You Just Know" A traveler notices a young man at a roadside stop and sizes up his potential conquest.
"Training Day" Men are often looking for a hook-up in an adult bookstore, but sometimes it takes the right encouragement to get someone to finally follow through on their urges.
"As Real as it Gets" Sometimes guys can't help but check out other men, and it can sometimes lead to seeing - and doing - even more.

By Chance 4 - It's a Gamble

by Bad Penny Press
English, 9662 words, $1.99

Yet another follow-up to the Bad Penny Press chance-encounter series comes "By Chance 4 - It's a Gamble." Yes, chance encounters are a gamble, but these three new gay hardcore stories literally take advantage of playing the odds.

"Two Wheel Wonder" - an internet hookup leads to a casino, where the slot machines aren't the only wheels spinning.
"Collecting on the Bet" - Chris joins his friend to a man's home, guaranteeing that he always wins their many bets. But, who's the real winner?
"Playing the Odds" Not all gambles and winnings take place in the casino. Sometimes the real jackpot happens in the parking lot!

Eating the Hole Thing

by Bad Penny Press
English, 9317 words, $1.99

A quickly disappearing part of the sexual landscape is the "Glory Hole." These three explicit gay hardcore stories from Bad Penny Press help keep the memory of anonymous sex alive.

"Adult Bookstore Virgin" Young Andy gets his first taste - literally - of anonymous and faceless sex.
"Sharing the Glory" Two co-workers find equal interest in an adult bookstore glory hole, happy that it works both ways.
"Modesto, 95356" An older man finds that it might be easier to hook up with a much younger one thanks to the anonymity offered through a bookstore glory hole.

Getting Things Straight

by Bad Penny Press
English, 9941 words, $1.99

Being "Straight" doesn't mean you can't give in to a "Gay" opportunity. In fact, when it happens it can open up whole new sexual vistas. And when it's over, you're still "Straight"... mostly. But it was fun! Bad Penny Press gives you three explicit stories of hardcore erotica where the line between "straight" and "gay" fades fast, and joy is unavoidable.

"Straight to the Point" A night of drinking makes it unsafe to drive home. A gay co-worker offers his place for the night. The accidental sight of the beauty of another man draws the straight man in...
"Apartment Hunter" When divorce requires a man to find a new place to live, he not only experiences new surroundings, but new experiences with the openly gay landlord.
"Get Happy" Stuck in a motel in Wyoming in a snowstorm puts a straight worker with his gay boss in the single bed in the room just to keep warm. Maybe more...



by Bad Penny Press
English, 9432 words, $1.99

Two's company, but three's an erotic dream. When gay encounters are shared with a third member, the joy grows exponentially. Here are three hardcore stories that leave no odd man out.

"Synchronicity" A straight guy learns just how well two gay lovers work together.
"Bunkmates" One dorm room, two bunks, and three guys. You add it up...
"Double Dipping" Two straight friends come across a single young man skinny dipping.

Trios, Volume 2

by Bad Penny Press
English, 9662 words, $1.99

Another set of three hardcore erotic stories of gay sex where it takes more than just two participants to make it a great experience. And, in one instance, maybe even a fourth to make it the best.

"Along for the Ride" Someplace to go, can't afford to get there, and an unexpected solution to the problem.
"Stable Relationship" Hanging around at a horse racing track, and it's not just the horses that are hung...
"Truth or Dare" A reunion of high school buddies reveals a past that might just make the future brighter.

Trios, Volume 3

by Bad Penny Press
English, 9924 words, $1.99

Bad Penny Press adds another set the the TRIOS series of explicit, hardcore erotic stories of gay sex where three is never a crowd.

"Welcome to the Neighborhood" When moving into a new place, it's always great when the neighbors welcome you and help you with your load.
"Caboose Club" As a child, the exclusive "club" wouldn't accept his membership. Years later, the "club" would find out what they missed.
"Brotherhood" A young man comes between older brothers, and likes it.


10 on the Time Clock

by Bad Penny Press
English, 27635 words, $2.99

There are those that dread going to the office, or working down in the salt mines (so to speak), and yet, there are those who seem to really look forward to their jobs. What do they know that the rest of us don't? Bad Penny Press looks into ten possible explanations for job satisfaction through "10 on the Time Clock," a value-priced collection of gay hardcore.

From the “All Business” collection -- "Cock-Eyed" - "The Night Shift" - "Scorpion Balls"
From the “Business Class” collection -- "Traveling Companion" - "Business Class" - "Layover Bonus"
From the “Office Rules” collection -- "Just Another Day at the Office" - "Working Stiff" - "Executive Privilege"
And a PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED STORY found only in this anthology -- “Paradise Found,” a tale of two workers who stumble upon a pair of young men unashamedly enjoying each other in a secluded outdoor spot... and quickly join in.

That's ten hardcore stories for one low price!

Gentle Persuasion X

by Bad Penny Press
English, 28391 words, $2.99

Bad Penny Press presents a 10-story anthology of gay sex performed under pressure and a good dose of coercion, combining the hardcore erotica collections "Under Pressure," "Under Pressure 2," and "Under the Color of Authority," plus one more previously unpublished and otherwise unavailable story found only in this value-priced publication!

From the "Under Pressure" collection: "A Chance Taken" - "Cum Dumpster" - "No One Rides For Free"
From the "Under Pressure 2" collection: "The Prescription" - "Put In My Place" - "Comp Time"
From the "Under the Color of Authority" collection: "Making Bail" - "Serving My Time" - "Upstanding Citizen"
And a PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED STORY available only in this anthology-- "Pulling Rank," a tale of commandeering camp leader who really takes charge of a young man on work detail.

Once more, ten stories for one low price!

The 13th Crossing

by Bad Penny Press
English, 50680 words, $3.99

Bad Penny Press presents a value-priced anthology from the "Bridging Generations" series of older man/younger man hardcore e-books, and then adds one more, brand new, previously unpublished cross-generational story for good measure. The result is "The 13th Crossing," another journey spanning the ages of gay erotica.

From the “Bridging Generations” collection - "Been There" - "Up the Creek" – "Proving Myself Worthy"
From the “Bridging Generations 2” collection - "Good-Bye, Coach" - "A Favor for Mom" – "The Pizza Boy Mis-delivers"
From the “Bridging Generations 3” collection - "Making the Grade" - "First Mate" – "The Follow-Through"
From the “Bridging Generations 4” collection - "Outstanding in My Field" - "Service After the Sale" - "Properly Regimented"
And a PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED STORY available only in this value-priced anthology -- "Farm Town Breakdown," a tale of a stranded young man learning the truth behind a deeply held family secret.

That's a Baker's Dozen of gay hardcore for a special price!

10 Times Three

by Bad Penny Press
English, 32644 words, $2.99

"Two's company, three's a crowd." Not here. Some pleasures shouldn't be limited to just two. Bring a friend! "Two holes, no waiting!" This value-priced anthology of hardcore gay sex from Bad Penny Press gives you 10 stories of three-way lust, including one new and previously unpublished story. Read it with a friend... or two!

From the “Trios” collection -- "Synchronicity" - "Bunkmates" - "Double Dipping"
From the “Trios Volume 2” collection -- "Along for the Ride" - "Stable Relationship" - "Truth or Dare"
From the “Trios Volume 3” collection -- “Welcome to the Neighborhood” – “Caboose Club” -“Brotherhood”
And a PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED STORY available only in this specially priced anthology! -- “Full Service,” a story of a man impressed with the service provided by the mattress company. Awesome delivery, set-up, and even a test of the new bed.

That's ten hardcore stories all in one value-priced volume!

Bad Penny Press offers discerning fans of graphic erotica a variety of hardcore offerings, including:
gay hardcore with first-time encounters, business sex, anonymous sex, coerced sex, older man-younger man sex,
incest stories of mother-son sex, father-daughter sex, brother-sister sex, daddy-son sex, sex between brothers,
older man-younger woman sex, Cougar and MILF sex, in short stories, anthologies and novels.
All characters are portrayed as consenting adults, ages 18 and over.

Last Updated: September 20, 2011

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